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Topic: Teff Hay for sale! Top Quality.

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Teff Hay for sale! Top Quality.

What is TEFF HAY?
Limited Available Amounts
"Teff Hay" or also called "Tiffany Hay".  Protein average 14%+, gluten-free (great for IR horses) NSC (non-structural carbohydrate) under 10%. Similar to alfalfa, very palatable, yet won't make them hot. Super for Cushings horses or those prone to laminitis.

Hay analysis done on all hay cuttings/fields
so you know what you are feeding

Currenty SOLD OUT
Due to dry weather we may not be getting a second cut
We maybe shipping in some or if there are enough
request will ship in hay from a reliable source!

**All hay is clean and will have been stored in barn** .
Storage is available but order must be paid for in advance for guarantee --otherwise first come first serve.
Welcome to pick up at barn.
Can deliver up to 200 bales at a time.
$2.50/mile loaded-one way
Will help unload included, if done with no assistant at farm with a minimum of $30/hr charge to load and stack.
Semi truck loads (box or flatbed) available for larger orders through local transport company.
For more information  please call Mark Ferguson at
Sugar Loaf Farms
or vist website:

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