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Topic: Trim Your Trees Properly

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Trim Your Trees Properly


Trees are tall, majestic wonders. Some trees, like stately animals, inspire wonder simply by their grandeur. The giraffe, the world’s tallest living land animal, may stand eighteen and a half feet high. Yet redwoods in California measure well over 300 feet high! Imagine, living trees reaching thirty and more stories in the air!

They purify the air, their leaves trap dust and soot, and a fully grown tree can provide the oxygen requirements of 64 people. Additionally, they absorb noise, provide shade, and regulate temperature.

A properly maintained tree adds great value to your property which increases with each passing year. To thrive and remain healthy, trees, like your lawn and garden, require proper care. Natural pruning can solve many of the problems associated with urban trees. The old skills such as climbing, use of ropes, and the safe operation of chain saws are still required. As a good rule of thumb, and in the best interest of your personal safety as well as the welfare of your trees ... if you need a ladder to reach a limb or the job requires the use of a chain saw - it's best to call in a professional. He is properly equipped and trained and can decide on the proper placement of the cuts to take advantage of the trees' natural processes. Natural Pruning can improve your trees in many ways:

  • Pruning of dead, dying, diseased, interfering, weak or hazardous branches.
  • Pruning of lower branches and foliage by Elevating up to a pre-determined height, e.g. 8' above ground level or 6' above a roof.
  • Thinning for light and wind filtration.
  • Mistletoe removal, a parasitic growth that when left unchecked can quickly multiply and kill a tree.
  • Vista Pruning to open view by selective pruning.

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    Over 20 years of professional experience in tree care and removal, emergency services and more. We can solve your tree problems with minimum disruption to your property. We also handle residential logging, storm damage, and stump grinding.

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